Sustainable Design


Why is it necessary the sustainable design?

Paneles Solares The construction industry consumes about 50% of global resources for its development, and also generates large amounts of waste, which has become, in one of the least sustainable activities on the planet. The use of fossil fuels to provide energy processes of all buildings and dwellings (such as heating, ventilation, cooling, and ventilation), is responsible for approximately 40% of the energy generated in a country, so, the main sources of emissions of greenhouse gases (mainly CO2).

But despite that, our daily life revolves around a variety of civil works: we live in houses, we travel by roads, we work in buildings, and socialize in cafeterias and recreational buildings. Modern civilization depends on the buildings for shelter and existence, and our blue planet is enduring a level of resource consumption in a way never seen before, which is unprecedented.

It is obvious and necessary, that something must change, and professionals in engineering and architecture, have an important role to play in this change.

A major share of sustainable project is about reducing global warming through energy conservation and the use of techniques and applications, in order to maintain the balance between initial capital invested and the value of fixed assets in the long term.

But Sustainable Design also means creating healthy spaces, sensitive to social needs, and economically viable, involving also the fundamental concept of respecting natural ecosystems and learning from ecological processes.


What makes particular a Sustainable Project?

What is essential is undoubtedly its creation through sustainable design.
The development process of a home for example, by means of this concept, is conceived primarily considering the principles of sustainable design:

a) Resource economy.
b) Design of the project life cycle.
c) Design from the human standpoint.

Through the design of better and more efficient strategies for each principle, you get the best project in each case.

Aspects such as the integration of the project on the natural environment, ecological concepts applications from the early stage of development, design flexibility avoiding exclusivity, prioritization of daylight and natural ventilation, functional simplicity, maximizing access to renewable energy, forecasting substitutions, and prioritizing maximum durability of the project, are just some of the fundamental concepts to promote sustainable design. S.D. Ingeniería always develops project engineering, always applying the principles of sustainable design, whatever its nature.
That’s why, that S.D. Ingeniería planned and designed their works with sustainability criteria, because we understand that the future will be prosperous only if we get our share of this, positive and friendly to our environment.

The concept of sustainable design