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Sustainable Design of Your Home

Get relaxation, comfort, energy efficiency, and quality of life in a home that blends with nature. For a home, sustainably designed, keeping you cool in summer, warm in winter, and anything you want between both weather conditions, while combining the indoor life and the outdoors, allowing for the best quality of life and enjoy the maximum of both worlds. For a home that is designed with sustainability concepts, has the ability to give your family a life in harmony, integrated into the environment, and best of all, getting clear answers to your demands, and being in balance with nature. S.D. Ingeniería projects and designs sustainable construction, not only considering the Project Life Cycle, but also incorporating at each stage of the project, the economic management of resources, and without neglecting the design from the human standpoint. Since the start of the project, all actions are considered to respect the environment, both in the construction processes of useful life and operation of the project, to decommission it.

At the time to think of a comfortable and sustainable home, we focus on always incorporating into the design process, concepts such as ventilation all environments and strategic location of openings, thermal acoustic insulation proper walls, roofs and floors; maximum use from sunlight, application of renewable energy generation, management and wastewater treatment, among others. S.D. Ingeniería develops your Sustainable home project, understanding that doing it, it means creating a home or building that is efficient in terms of energy consumption, healthy habitability, flexible in use, minimizing environmental impact, maximizing recycling and designed for a long and useful life.