The Company


Our beginnings

Initiated in 1996, pioneering in the design and development of sustainable projects, S.D. Ingeniería has expanded to acquire a prominent role and be a reference in the field of sustainable design, based especially on creating sustainable and environmentally friendly projects.

The integration and management of the fundamental criteria of Resource Management of the Economy, Life Cycle Design of the Project, and the design originated from a human perspective, makes us today position as a reference, at the moment when our customers decide and trust a housing project, land development, condominiums, housing groups, ecological development, etc.

Because we understand that design and project with sustainable criteria, is to bring together different concepts so that the project developed is always integrated into the environment, thus providing wellness and balance to its occupants through the incorporation of nature to it.
A project created by S.D Ingeniería will always provide balance between indoor and outdoor life, and allow its occupants, fully enjoy both worlds.

S.D Ingeniería creates its projects through its workteam composed of highly trained professionals, committed to customer demands and company mission. Through the Network of partners and associates, and using the applications of the latest technologies to our designs, we have achieved success in different projects developed for the Argentine domestic market, South America and Europe.


CEO: Alejandro Labala Rulli.

Bioclimatic Engineering Director: Ing. Ingrid Szcherlam.

Design Director: Arq. Jocelyn del Barrio.

Renewable Energy Adviser: Ing. Ernesto Gmelin.